Friday, September 16, 2016

New Items - Farmers Market 2nd Week of September 2

Here are the items that we bought at the second farmers market we went to.
Almond dip. Nutty by Nature, Chipotle. $8. (Gluten free, vegan, paleo)
This is good with veggie sticks or chips.
Taro on the left, apple custard at the top and goya (bitter melon) on the right. $6.60 total
I have never cooked taro. I have to google a recipe. Do you know apple custard? Me neither. Will show you when I eat it. There seem to be two kinds of goya (bitter melon): light green with smooth skin, or dark green with rough surface (this one above). We called this dark green ones "Godzilla". Don't they look like it? lol

Egg fruit on the left, star fruit, garlic chive (nira) and pink guava. $6 total.
Egg fruit is supposed to have an aquired taste. Hoping that we will like it. Garlic chive is very garlicy.  I love to make soup and sauteed with it. And we bought more pink guavas. I cannot get enough of them.

We bought new veggies and fruit that we have never had before. I have to google to find out how to eat / cook them;)

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