Monday, September 12, 2016

Japanese Odori Festival in Mililani

We went to Odori Festival in Mililani on Saturday 9/10. Odori means dance in Japanese. Japanese have dance nights in summer called "bon odori" to pray for dead. Since Hawaii has a large population of Japanese, there are a lot of bon odori festivals in the state.

This Odori Festival at Honbushin International Center was pretty big. I have gone to several Japanese summer festivals and bon odoris in Los Angeles, but this one in Hawaii was bigger than these.

We decided to eat dinner here. We bought two orders each of BBQ beef, onigiri (rice ball), banana doughnut and mango doughnut. It was $12 all together.

After eating these quickly, we joined the dance line. Since I am Japanese and I am used to Japanese dancing, I was able to follow the dancing. My husband on the other hand was having a hard time keeping up and kept saying "I don't get it." He is very very good at dancing, but Japanese rhythm might have thrown him off. It is pretty different right?

We had such a fun time here. Before leaving, I wanted to check their fresh produce. They were selling a lot of Japanese and Hawaiian vegetables and fruit, grown in Honbushin center garden. They said that they use regular fertilizer, but they do not use pesticides. The prices were really cheap and we bought a few items.

I will put the pictures of what we bought there in my next entry. I don't know why but I cannot put more pictures here:(

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