Friday, September 9, 2016

Gluten Free and Organic Oatmeal Breakfast 9/7/2016

My husband and I are trying to cook more often at home to save money and stay healthy. We eat organic and whole foods as much as possible. It is a lot of work when we try to cook everything from scratch. But we are learning easy and cheap cooking right now.

We made an oatmeal breakfast yesterday. It was totally gluten free and 99% organic. I am planning to write how to make mashed potato and oatmeal in separate entries.

We made:
- Oatmeal with an apple banana, strawberry jam and celtic sea salt
- Mashed purple potato and sweet potato with virgin coconut oil (already made the day before)
- Sliced orange and tomato
- A basted egg with avocado oil

It took about 30 minutes.

It was all organic except for celtic sea salt and avocado oil. The apple banana, purple potato, and eggs were from farmers markets on Oahu.

It was tasty and filling! It was my first time eating sweet oatmeal. In Japan (where I grew up), oatmeal is considered to be baby food, and adults do not really have a chance to eat it. I was surprised when I first found out that people in the US put milk, fruit, and honey in it! But I love sweet oatmeal now;)

What do you normally put in your oatmeal?

Thank you for visiting my blog;) Have a nice day!

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