Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fresh Produce We Bought at Odori Festival

So these are the produce we bought at Odori Festival at Honbushin International Center in Mililani. Though they use regular fertilizer, they do not use pesticides.

Japanese daikon radish $2. Green onion $1. So cheap right? I just wanted to check out their produce, but when I saw the prices, I had to buy them. Daikon is very useful in Japanese cooking. I can make miso soup, stew, salad, sautee, and many other dishes. Daikon is one of the vegetables I always have in my fridge. Green onion is used as garnish for almost any dish in Japanese cooking. Miso soup, omelet, fried rice, yakisoba, udon, ramen, sushi roll, soba,,, I can go on forever;) This is a must item for Japanese.

Kiriboshi daikon $3. This is made of daikon and it is shredded and dried. When some vegetables or fruit get dried, they become more healthy to eat because of the high content of vitamines and minerals. Kiriboshi daikon is one of them. You want to soak it before using it, sautee with carrots and aburaage (fried tofu), and season with soy sauce and dashi (Japanese bonito fish and seaweed broth). I am excited to use this;)

When I checked their website, I found out that they do "Daikon Festival" and "Mochitsuki (rice cake-making) Festival" too. I can't wait to go there for the events.

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