Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Farmers Market 1st Week September 2

Hi guys! 
So here is what we bought at two farmers markets this week.

From the top, purple daikon radish. From the left, goya (bitter melon), yellow, orange and purple carrots, broccoli, and purple okra.
Everything except for goya is certified organic. Goya is still pesticide and chemical free, but the vendor is not certified organic. I forgot how much each item was, but with a dozen eggs, it was about 25 dollars all together. Pretty pricey?

We find so many vegetables in purple in Hawaii. Purple colored vegetables contain more antioxidant. So we like to buy purple veggies over regular colored veggies. Also it is more colorful on the plate;)

We also bought star fruit (on the left), apple bananas (in front), and basil.
These were total 5 dollars and all certified organic. I read that a person with kidney problems should not eat star fruit. It is actually pretty bitter, so I can tell the antinutrients that are in it are strong.

Do you know how to pick good bananas? Farmers at the vendor told us that the more round bananas are, the sweeter. You see these bananas in the picture are pretty round, so hopefully they become sweet;) It should take only two days for them to become ripe. I do not normally eat bananas, but apple bananas are awesome! I would like to eat one banana a day here.

We still do not know all the Hawaiian veggies and fruit yet. But slowly exploring. More farmers markets articles are coming;)

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