Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pros and Cons of Moving to Hawaii - Pros

Hey guys!

It has been cooled down a bit in Hawaii. It was hot and humid in July, so right now the weather is much better for us.

It has been almost three months since my hubby and I moved to Hawaii. I am pretty sure my opinions will change as we stay here longer, but I want to list the pros of moving to Hawaii, based on my "three-month experience."

1. Less stress
I definitely feel less stress now. I do have some worries, and some pressure just like other people do but my stress level is much lower. I think it is because people are more relaxed here.

2. Peaceful driving
This would be depending on where you are coming from. We came from Los Angeles where the traffic is insane. Driving in Hawaii is so peaceful. No one beeps at you, cuts you off, and says F words at you.

3. Beautiful beaches
Self explanatory;)

4. Less racial discrimination for minorities
I do not get treated like I do on the Mainland US. My hubby says the same thing. Hawaii is a nice place for minorities.

5. Awesome foods
As I am Japanese and my hubby loves Japanese food, we are happy that we can get great Japanese food on Oahu. We love Hawaiian food too. There are many good but cheap restaurants here.

What are the reasons why you want to move to Hawaii?

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