Monday, August 22, 2016

Why we moved to Hawaii

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There is a question that people constantly ask us in Hawaii when they find out that we recently moved here.

"Are you in military?"

The answer is:
No, we are not;)

We come across people in marine uniform here in Hawaii very often, so I am pretty sure some people move here  just for the military and spend two years or so here.

But the reason why we moved to Hawaii is not for jobs.

We JUST wanted to live in Hawaii;)

This was actually our first time moving to somewhere "just because" we wanted to live there.
And we are happy that we did it.

We visited Oahu three years ago for the first time and had our small but beautiful beach front wedding in Waikiki.

And instantly fell in love with Hawaii and nature and beach,,, everything we saw and experienced.

We had no idea why people raved about Hawaii all the time, but it all makes sense now.

It was great and made us want to live here so bad.

It took about three years for us to finally move here. We planned our way out, saved up money, and changed the way we work. We were waiting for the right timing. And all the moving happened two months ago. I can't believe we did all the work in a short period of time! Now we live in our dream;)

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