Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Job situation in Hawaii

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Just a few days ago, my hubby and I were talking about the job situation in Hawaii.
People often say that it is hard to find a good job in Hawaii, and it takes long time to find one.

There are acutally a lot of job postings online like craigslist or vivinavi (It is a Japanese community site. btw I am Japanese from Japan).
But usually the jobs that you can find here in Hawaii are low paying jobs. For instance, $13 an hour.

The cost of living here is higher than most of the cities in the US. How do you pay for it if you only make 13 dollars an hour?

That is a good question.

Some people in fact work two to three jobs just to get by.
And because they work all the time, they do not have time to enjoy being in Hawaii.
They try first but realize how expensive it is to live here, get tired of working all the time, and eventually leave the state in one or two years.
I heard and read that it happens a lot.

I hope that is not going to be the case for us.

Luckily we work for some companies on the mainland remotely so that we do not have to do job hunting here.

I said to my husband, "It would have been hard if we did not work from home and had to find jobs here."

He said, "We wouldn't be here if that was the case."

That's right.

We wouldn't have decided to come here then.

But we will never know what will happen to the companies that we work for. We can be in the situation where we have no income coming in all the sudden.

Before moving to Hawaii, we have decided to give ourselves one year to try out. Is it actually affordable? Is the life style really for us? We will determine all that while trying out.

I am really hoping that we can stay here and love living here;)

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